Fishing Rod Holders for Boats

Before you and your friends take your boats on your next fishing trip make sure you have a enough fishing rod holders for all your rods.   A fishing rod holder is a piece of gear that attaches to the side of your boat and holds your rod and line in the water without the use of your hands.  This important piece of gear allows you to keep your line in the water while you do other things like drive your boat, eat lunch, talk to friends or get a drink.

The best fishing pole holders for boats attach tightly to the side and have no risk of falling off.  There are a few different types of mounts so be sure to do some research and find the best style for your fishing needs.  Other factors to consider before purchasing a holder for your boat are the size and number of your poles, mounting position and your style of fishing. We ran some test and reviewed the best fishing rod holders for boats on the market, if you need a new holder keep reading below!

Cannon Rod Holder

cannon rod holder reviewOne of our favorite rod holder is also one of the most basic.  The Cannon Rod Holder is a great choice to install on your boat for a number of reasons.  First of all, its simplicity can not be beat.  While you are on the water your boat will be bumping up and down, this constant motion can cause poorly made parts to crack.

The Cannon’s can be top or side mounted, allowing you to install the unit in almost any location on your boat.  It can spin 360 degrees to allow for easy position while the rod is inside the holder.  A spring loaded tension knob holds the rod in position and is easy to release for rapid readjusting your pole.


BoatMates Stainless 3 Rod Organizer

BoatMates Stainless 3 Rod Organizer reviewAnother one of our top rated holders for boats is the BoatMates Stainless 3 Rod Organizer.  While other holders only hold your fishing poles this BoatMates model also has a plier and knife sheath as well as a shelf tray in addition to the three rod holders.  This unit is truly an “all in one” organization system.

This holder is manufactured out of polished 304 stainless steel with injection molded ABS inner padding to protect the handles of the rods.  The organizer also comes with  stainless steel mounting hardware to make installing it on your boat a breeze.  The BoatMates stainless steel Rod Organizer measures 3.5″L x 9.5″W x 3″D allowing it to fit in nearly any boat.

Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder

Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder reviewThe third rod holder we reviewed was the Scotty Powerlock Rod Holder.  The Scotty Powerlock is a popular choice among fisherman for a number of reasons.  First,  it can rotated a full 360 degrees as well as adjust up and down to give the perfect angle and position.  Second, it is made out of high grade plastic that will not crack or break under pressure when a fish is on your line.  Finally, the holder can be side mounted or deck mounted.  This allows you to install the holder exactly where you need it on your boat without having to worry about space.



Attwood Stainless Steel Clamp on Rod Holder

Attwood Stainless Steel Clamp on Rod Holder reviewSometimes mounting a rod holder onto your boat is not an option for any number of reasons. If you are unable to attach your rod holder to your boat via screws then consider the Attwood Stainless Steel Clamp on Rod Holder.  The Attwood holder attaches to your boat via a powerful steel clamp that can be attached to many parts of your boat.

It is manufactured out of polished 7.5 inch 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel that has been flanged cast to guarantee quality.  The inside of the holder is crafted out of U.V. resistant polymer liner to protect your rod and reel.  While your rod is inside the holder it will be held in place by a handle pin.

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