Fishing Pole Holders

Going fishing is great, but in order to fully enjoy your fishing trip you need to have a few fishing pole holders.  Fishing pole holders allow you to keep your line in the water, even while the pole is not in your hands.   While they are not completely necessary if you don’t want to go to work on Monday with blisters on your hands and sore arms they are highly recommended.  Plus, having your hook in the water for more time increases your chances of catching a fish.  We did some research and found the three best fishing pole holders for sale at the moment, keep reading below to find out all the information you need to know before you make your final decision.

Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder

Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder for Rod reviewThe Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder is a great fishing pole holder for a number of reasons.  It has many of the same features as many of the expensive models on the market while costing considerably less.   It is made out corrosion resistant high impact plastic.  This material will allow the Eagle Claw holder to last for many years and not fall victim to weather of water damage.

The holder can be adjusted 360 degrees and the angle of the holder can be changed to any useful position.  Any fishing pole up to 1 3/8 inches will fit in this holder making it perfect for nearly every pole you may own.  It attaches to your boat via a high impact plastic clamp that is strong enough for trolling and rough water.

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MiniFighter Fishing Rod Holder

MiniFighter Fishing Rod Holder reviewNot every rod holder can be attached to a boat, some are used to hold your line in the water while you are fishing from the shore.  The MiniFighter Fishing Rod Holder is constructed in the United States out of 100% steel that is powdered coated and TIG welded.  The tubes have been laser cut and brushed in order to minimize the occurrence of burrs.   This allows the rod holder to hold up to 100 pounds of gear at a time.

The MiniFighter holder stands about 3 feet tall and is staked into the ground.  It has room for a rod holder, a cup of bait or water and a place to hang a flashlight or lantern.  It is easy to stake in the ground due to the foot presses allowing you to get your line in the water as soon as you hit the lake.

Be careful if using this holder in sandy or muddy beaches.  Rod holders that are staked into the group need solid soil to be able to stand up straight and not fall over.  Make sure that your holder is firmly in place before leaving your line or you could be swimming after your fishing pole.

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Seasense Rod Holder 2 Rack Tube

 Seasense Rod Holder 2 Rack Tube review

The Seasense Rod Holder 2 Rack Tube is manufactured out of hard plastic and its unique design allows it to be mounted in some unique places.  It snaps together to allow for easy assembly and comes with a mounting kit.

Between the two rod holders is a tool holder that can hold up to two tools at once.  Most fisherman prefer to keep a pliers and and a screwdriver here but all kinds of tools will fit.  The unit measures 10-3/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 6-9/16″ x 12″ making it small enough to be used on small boats like kayaks, rowboats and sailboats.  The tubes can be installed and used individually if you only have one rod or they can be installed side by side as seen in the picture.

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