Find the Best Fishing Rod Holders: Ultimate Rod Holder Guide

Tired of holding your fishing rod for hours and hours at a time while waiting for a fish to bite?  Then you need a fishing rod holder, a fishing rod holder is a great tool that can make your fishing trup much more enjoyable and allow you to keep your lines in the water even when the rod is not in your hands.

If you are looking for a new fishing rod holder then the chart below will help you decide the best one for your kitchen.

Ultimate Fishing Rod Holder Guide

Fishing Rod Holders
Number of rods
Cannon Rod Holder
cannon rod holder review
Rod clipHard plastic1.2 lbs1$$4.5
Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder
Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder for Rod review
Rod clipHigh impact plastic1.1 lbs1$$4.6
Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack
okuma rod rack review
Wall mount or free standingABS plastic4 lbs16$$4.3
Berkley Horizontal Boat Rod Rack
Berkley Horizontal Boat Rod Rack review
Wall mountPlastic7 ounces4$$4.1
Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack
Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack review
Stand aloneSolid pine8 lbs12$$3.7
RACK'EM Overhead Fishing Rod Rack
RACK'EM Overhead Fishing Rod Rack review
Overhead mountPowdered coated steel2.1 lbs12$$4.15
Aluminium Tailgate HolderOver The Tailgate Aluminum Fishing Rod Holder reviewTailgate mountAluminium20 lbs6$$$4.65
Scotty Triple Rod Holder
Scotty triple rod holder review
Rod clipFiber reinforced nylon5.1 lbs3$$4.35
Scotty Baitcaster
Rod clipHard plastic1.1 lbs1$$4

Included in the chart are 8 categories -

  • Fishing rod holder pictures
  • Rod holder brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Style – How it attaches to your boat your vehicle
  • Material – the material used to manufacture the holder
  • Weight
  • Number of rods – How many fishing rods it can hold.
  • Price – These are approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.
  • Rating – The average user rating on  This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.

What is a Fishing Rod Holder?

There are several basic types of fishing rod holders for both freshwater and saltwater rods. There are rod racks, clips, tubes, holders and straps, each of with its’ own advantages. Some designs fit the classic definition of a rod holder, while others are innovative and intended to suit a particular purpose. Whether one is storing rods away or outfitting a craft for a trip, the best way to manage rods is by using fishing rod holders.

Rod Racks For Fishing Rod Holders

Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack reviewFor the avid fisherman or retailer, rod racks are the practical solution for storing or displaying a number of rods. A rod rack can be free-standing, mounted on a wall or even mounted overhead, depending on the amount of available space. In retail stores the free standing rack will hold any number of rods and these can be browsed easily by shoppers. In a workshop or garage the wall rack utilizes a minimum of floor space and allows easy access to the rods. In a large craft such as a Sportfisher overhead racks are extremely practical fishing rod holders that are often mounted inside the main salon of the vessel.

Rod racks are available in hardwood or durable composite materials that resist saltwater. Installing a wall or overhead rack is a relatively easy process and one that can be accomplished using some basic hand tools along with a good eye for location. Free standing racks can be ordered or custom built to a desired size and configured to hold all types and sizes of fishing rods.

Tube Holders As Fishing Rod Holders

Attwood Stainless Steel Clamp on Rod Holder reviewThe most common fishing rod holders that can be used on any boat are the tube. These are made from brass or PVC and can be attached to railings or installed in the gunwhales. Brass tubes have a plastic rim at the top to protect the rod finish and a strut bar at the bottom to seat the rod. They are available in a straight style that holds a rod direct or in an angled configuration that’s ideal for holding trolling rods.

PVC tubes come in numerous configurations that hold one or more rods and they have adjustment features that allow the rod to be held in any position from flat to vertical. These fishing rod holders will mount to a gunwhale and can be strapped or attached to an inflatable or a Kayak.

Rod Clip Fishing Rod Holders

ThEagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder for Rod reviewe best fishing rod holders for easy access during a trip are undoubtedly rod clips. These are made from either hard rubber compound or metal and they fasten to a bulkhead or a wall. Any place on a boat where a rod can stand upright, a rod clip will work. They attach about mid height and a rod can be snapped in or out of the clip with ease.



Strap Fishing Rod Holders

Scotty Fly Rod Holder and Float Tube Mount reviewAnother popular type of fishing rod holder that works where a clip can’t be used is the strap. These come in different lengths and use Velcro to cinch the rod to a railing or even to boat lines. The straps are ideal fishing rod holders when trolling or moving from one spot to another and they are especially practical for fishermen who work from a small inflatable or a Kayak.

For any fisherman who is serious about his or her equipment, fishing rod holders are both practical and essential for fishing and maintaining rods in good order.

Review of the top 3 fishing rod holders

Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder

Scotty Baitcaster Spinning Rod HolderOne of the best fishing rod holders on the market right now is the Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder.  This rod holder can be flush mounted onto the deck of almost any boat or kayak, with the sealed base forming a water tight lock to prevent interior flooding and can rotate 360 degrees.  The unit can carry any baitcaster or spinning reel and is sure to catch you some fishing the next time you visit the lake.

Scotty is a company known for their high quality products and priced around $20 you wont find a better rod holder on the market!

Eagle Claw Deluxe Rod Holder

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